Friday, December 3, 2010

Snow Removal issues

Naomi Myrvaagnes to Alderman Stephen Linsky
December 3, 2010

Dear Stephen,

A need that the Morseland Avenue neighborhood has brought up before is now more pressing in light of the proposed snow removal ordinance.

After heavy or icy snowfall, our crowded streets and intersections become dangerous and even impassible.  There is simply no room to put snow removed from driveways and sidewalks, the plows leave heavy loads in front of driveways and huge piles at intersections.  Even a small pile in this crowded area makes foot traffic impossible.  My husband is unable physically to remove what  the street plows dump in front of our driveway.

Because there is so much foot traffic in the immediate vicinity, I strongly urge that the City do sidewalk plowing the length of Morseland on both sides, plus at least one block in all directions on Ward, Elmore, Channing, Mill.

What is removed from the sidewalks and streets then needs to be collected, for the sake of walking and parking!!!  Beyond pedestrian concerns, there is always a winter parking crisis in the area.   Cars parked many feet from the sidewalk because of snow spillover  make the streets impassible.

 I repeat the request that snow piles be removed as they are in the commercial districts.  Even though we are labeled Residential, our immediate neighborhood functions like a commercial district and needs to be cleaned accordingly.  We need the city to accomplish this.

I am copying this request to other members of the neighborhood association and to the Mel Hoffman of the Shaarei Tefillah Liaison Committee.

Please let us know how we can best bring this matter to the decision-makers and have the problem solved.  Thank you.